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Digital Communications

Spring 2016

Lecture 1

review of probability and random variables - part I

Lecture 2

review of probability and random variables - part II

Lecture 3

review of probability and random variables - part III

Lecture 4

source coding, lossless source coding

Lecture 5

Huffman codes

Lecture 6

Lempel-Ziv codes, lossy source coding, quantization

Lecture 7


Lecture 8

channel capacity

Lecture 9

linear block codes

Lecture 10

linear block codes 

Lecture 11

decoding of linear block codes

Lecture 12

convolutional codes

Lecture 13

decoding of convolutional codes

Lecture 14

geometric representation of signals

Lecture 15

memoryless modulation methods (PAM, QAM, PSK, FSK)

Lecture 16

receiver design, demodulators

Lecture 17

optimal detectors, link budget analysis

Lecture 18

performance analysis of coherent modulation schemes (BPSK, BFSK, QPSK) 

Lecture 19

non-coherent modulation schemes, non-coherent binary orthogonal modulation, differential PSK

Lecture 20

M-ary modulation (PAM, PSK, QAM) 

Lecture 21

M-ary modulation (coherent and non-coherent FSK), comparison of modulation schemes

Lecture 22

transmission over band-limited channels, zero ISI 

Lecture 23

optimum transmitters and receivers, controlled ISI

Lecture 24


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