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Digital Signal Processing

Fall 2013

Lecture 1

introduction to discrete-time signals and systems

Lecture 2

discrete-time signals in the time domain

Lecture 3

Matlab overview

Lecture 4

classification of signals, typical signals

Lecture 5

sampling process, quantization, coding

Lecture 6

discrete-time systems, classification of systems

Lecture 7

LTI systems, properties of LTI systems

Lecture 8

implementation of LTI systems, correlation

Lecture 9

correlation, review, Z transform

Lecture 10

rational Z transform

Lecture 11

inverse Z transform

Lecture 12

one-sided Z transform

Lecture 13

solving difference equations

Lecture 14


Lecture 15

properties of DTFT

Lecture 16


Lecture 17

frequency-domain analysis of LTI systems

Lecture 18

digital filters

Lecture 19

1st and 2nd order digital filters

Lecture 20

FIR filter design

Lecture 21

IIR filter design

Lecture 22

discrete Fourier transform

Lecture 23

fast Fourier transform

Lecture 24

review session

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