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Signals & Systems

Spring 2020

Lecture 1

introductions to signals & systems, signal size, signal classification

Lecture 2

discrete-time signals, signal symmetry, complex numbers, exponential function, signal operations

Lecture 3

useful signals (unite step, impulse (delta), gate)

Lecture 4

properties of delta function, ramp function, discrete-time signals, systems, linear systems

Lecture 5

system properties (linearity, time-invariance, memory, stability)

Lecture 6

response of LTI systems, convolution

Lecture 7

properties of convolution

Lecture 8

LTI system properties, orthogonal sets, Fourier series definition

Lecture 9

Fourier series expansion

Lecture 10

Fourier series properties

Lecture 11

Fourier series properties, trigonometric Fourier series

Lecture 12

Response of LTI systems to cosine inputs, Fourier transform definition

Lecture 13

Fourier transform properties

Lecture 14

Fourier transform properties

Lecture 15

Fourier transform properties, communication systems

Lecture 16

communication systems, sampling & reconstruction

Lecture 17

sampling & reconstruction

Lecture 18

Laplace transform

Lecture 19

inverse Laplace transform

Lecture 20

analyzing LTI systems by Laplace transform

Lecture 21

ideal filters, Butterworth filters

Lecture 22

Butterworth filters, 2nd order systems

Lecture 23


Lecture 24

Root locus

Lecture 25


Lecture 26

z-transform properties

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